Wednesday, 17 December 2014

5 Essential Tips to Look Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day

The wedding day is the biggest day of one’s life-be it a man or a woman. One feels utterly special on this wonderful day when all eyes are fixed on the bride and bridegroom. The blessed couple steps into the new life amongst thousand cheers and blessings. Everybody wants to look fabulous on this special day.

Makeup is a way to enhance one’s appearance, but one needs to do early preparation. Below are five important measures the prospective bride and bridegroom can adopt to look best on their wedlock day.

1. Pamper your skin at least two months prior to your wedding. Eat healthy food including fruits, green vegetables, juices and adequate nuts. Drink 3-4 litres of water in a day. Add a portion of salad and curd to your diet. These things give you an inner glow that will reflect on your skin.

2. Make-up constitutes an important part. Make your saloon bookings well in advance to avoid last minute rush. Research for a good saloon and ask for expert advice on maintaining a healthy beauty routine.

3. Work on your body language. How you will walk to the stage, how you will hold your spouse’s hand, how broad a smile you should carry- all these tiny things matter when it comes to your overall persona.

4. Pair your wedding attire with the right kind of accessories. Look for matching clutch, jewellery, footwear and other goodies that can add style to your look.

5. Last but not the least; carefully select your outfit to be worn on that special day. This might be your most expensive outfit you choose to wear in your life. So, plan well what you wish to wear. Sherwani, Achkan, Western suit, Lehanga, Lancha, Saree, Wedding Gown- options are simply endless.

You can borrow ideas from your favourite celebs you wish to look like. However, keep your body stature and facial features in mind whenever you try to imitate others.

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